There are a lot of options for BCBA Practice exam. Most of them are super expensive, and the most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best. We’ve got a guide for the best options for BCBA Exam Prep mock exams and practice exams.


BCBA Practice Exam – Behavior Masters

Behavior Masters offers an practice exams in an e-course format. At your own pace, it goes over the entire Cooper book which the 5th edition task list and the BCBA Exam is based upon. There are 29 sections of the Cooper Study Course. Each chapter has a pre-quiz and a post-quiz which tests your knowledge before and after studying the corresponding chapter. There are study guides for every chapter as well. BCBA Practice Exam by Behavior Masters is well-priced for the amount of content that is on there.

BCBA Practice Exam – BDS Modules

The BDS Modules have been out for a long time and recommended by many. They are on the expensive side — about the cost to take the test itself, but many people love the BDS modules for studying for the BCBA Exam. One of the negative takeaways of the BDS Modules is that they limit the amount of time you have access to it now in a strange way. You no longer get unlimited attempts, which makes you have the consider now the best time to use it — if you are going to use it. The good news with the BDS modules is that they take multiple sources of the content and it assesses your weak areas so you know where to start studying.

BCBA Practice Exam – F.I.T.’s ABA Program is pretty well known. They offer a practice exam with three versions, reasonably priced. And their mocks are notched at 161 questions, which is a good amount. The really bad part about the FIT exam is that it doesn’t give you correct answers. For example, if you do poorly on Measurement, they won’t give you the answers. Instead, it’ll tell you that you did poorly on Measurement and to focus on studying it.