BCBA Exam Audiobook App has been redesignedHey future BCBAs, I’m glad to announce that we’ve officially relaunched the BCBA Exam Audiobook!

When we first created ABA Exam Prep, expectations for the way we consume content and “learn on the go” were a bit different. We originally distributed the audiobook via .mp3 files that we gave to test takers. We gave them instructions on how they could burn it to a CD, or sync it with their iPhone using iTunes or listen directly from the website browser.

Well, now, people rarely listen to CDs because of streaming platforms. Apple is actually now terminating iTunes all together. And syncing files other ways is pretty bothersome. So we created a basic app for the mp3s that turned it into an audiobook. The app was supposed to be more of a companion tool. We still gave people the mp3s directly, so they could listen how they wanted.

As trends changed, people leaned more towards using the app. And with that, people began to give us feedback on what the app was lacking. Features like background play and continuous play.

Because Behavior Analysis is such a big part of our lives, we decided to make the investment to once again improve the app. So here we are, with what is basically the ABA Exam Prep Audiobook 2.0, renamed in the App Stores as BCBA Exam Audiobook.

We’ve tested it with a bunch of our followers on Instagram and can proudly say that it is here. Go ahead and check it out: BCBA Exam Audiobook.