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Checkout fields updated

Hey test takers. Small update. We've updated the checkout process and have removed the unnecessary fields such as address and phone number to further increase privacy. We're also adding social login (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to make registering and logging in easier.

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New! Updates including mock exams

We'll be slowly rolling out the community aspect of ABA Exam Prep. There will be courses, videos, exams and discussion forums about all of the above. We'll also be giving you all the ability to create quizzes and possibly courses as well. So if you feel you have a certain strength and want to help out, you'll be able [...]

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New Year, Better Results

Nine days in the new year and we're pleased to say that we've fully completed the audiobook. It's now loaded with over 400 terms and more hours of content. We know that some of our past buyers have gotten their results and we're hopeful that they passed! When we see unsubscribers to our email list, we're glad to know that [...]

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New Feature! The Player has arrived

Firstly, good luck to all those who recently took the exam. Hope you all pass! And never lose hope! Thanks to all the feedback we received, we've added an audioplayer to the site for the audiobook. Now you can listen right on the site through the cool new player using your desktop PC or your mobile phone. More features to [...]

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Best BCBA Exam Study Guide to Pass The Test

Studying for the bcba exam is seriously one of the most stressful times of my life. You are isolated from friends and family and spend all your time with your face shoved in the Cooper book. Choosing a method for bcba exam prep can also be very challenging. In this post, I'll share with you my BCBA Exam Study Guide. [...]

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Website feature additions

Hey guys. Good luck to those August test takers! I'll keep this one short. Just want to update you on two new features: One is a preview of the audio right on the front page. This gives you an idea of what the audio sounds like coming out of our recording booth. The second feature is that there is now [...]

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