BCBA Exam Prep Testimonials

We send a survey to everyone who buys the BCBA Exam Prep. We ask them what they love most about the ABA Exam Prep Audiobook. Here’s what some of them said.

I love being able to listen on my phone. I take it everywhere I go. Thank you so much for making this. Please let me know if more is on the way. I will highly recommend you guys to colleagues and friends!

Lauren M.
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It's the BCBA exam study guide you can listen to anywhere - while you're driving, walking, jogging, at the gym, or while you lay in your bed.
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I like listening to it while I drive.

Kim H.

It is helping me to memorize foundational concepts

John P.

The fact it could be taken everywhere on your phone.

Kara B.

I can listen to it while I drive

Sylvia B.

the fact that it is easily accessible on my phone for streaming and using the app

Otalora C.

I like that it states the definition before the term.


Covers a lot of definitions

Josie W.

The definition is read first before the term

Brittney J.

Just the content

Nancy C.

makes great use of travel time

Pam M.

Fast and easy to use while driving

Pham T.

Can study in my car

Ashley S.

“Being able to listen as I am driving to work and around to various schools; like that it gives time to answer the statements before giving the answer. ”

Caden C.