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BCBA Exam Prep

Welcome to the best BCBA Exam Prep. Using our audio resources as a tool among your other study material, you’ll be on your way to passing the big BCBA Exam. BCBA flashcards, BCBA study guides, BCBA workshops, and BCBA audio books are all in the recipe for passing the BCBA Exam. Just one isn’t enough. All of them will greatly improve your chance to pass the big BCBA exam. BCBA Exam Prep specializes in BCBA audiobooks. Utilize the audiobook to listen anywhere you are. Download the audiobook directly or listen to the audiobook via our audioplayer. The choice is yours.

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$99One-of-a-kind Audiobook for the BCBA Exam to help you pass the test and get certified! Here’s a sample:
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BCBA Exam Prep Audiobook

  • Immerse yourself in ABA 24/7. Driving, gym, anywhere!
  • Hearing a different voice makes learning easier
  • Audio flashcards ingrain key terms into your memory
  • Hours of listening and studying using key terms we’re all familiar with from the Cooper book

What People Think

I spend so much time on the road driving to clients, it helps alot to be able to listen to these words when I don’t have time to stop and read. This, plus study guides and quizlet flash cards is really helpful!
Erika S., MA, C.A.R.D.
Listening to the flash cards is my favorite! It really boosts my confidence when I do well listening to the flash cards while I drive. I’m glad it comes in multiple file formats. Hooking it up to bluetooth speakrs I listen to it at home while I’m studying too.
Nancy T., MA, Easter Seals
I like listening to the audio book while I’m at the gym while I’m working out and on the treadmill. I’m trying to do nothing but think ABA right now and it helps a lot, I listen to less music now and Netflix. It’s nothing but ABA right now, and hopefully it’s worth it. I failed last time but feel more confident now
Robb J., MA
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BCBA Exam Prep Audiobooks

It's the BCBA exam study guide you can listen to anywhere - while you're driving, walking, jogging, at the gym, or while you lay in your bed.
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