ABA Community Spotlight: BCBA Podcast ABA Inside Track

//ABA Community Spotlight: BCBA Podcast ABA Inside Track

ABA Community Spotlight: BCBA Podcast ABA Inside Track

We’re kicking off a new blog series called Community Spotlight  in which we’ll be highlighting others in the ABA/BCBA Community starting with ABA Inside Track. Applied Behavior Analysis is growing as Autism prevalence and diagnoses increases, but also because of the wide applicability of Behavior Analysis.

ABA Inside Track

We at ABA Exam Prep preach immersion for BCBAs, especially when you’re a BCBA Candidate and preparing to take the test. Like we say, your walls should be full of Flashcards so that you’re seeing the terms and definitions all of the time. Deep immersion is the way to make sure you eat sleep and breathe ABA. Another way to do that is to replace your regular podcast with an ABA Podcast and the very best of ABA Podcasts is ABA Inside Track.

ABA Inside Track is a podcast with a trio of BCBAs and their guests that covers ABA and Behavior Analysis research. Here’s how they describe their podcast:

  • A podcast about applied behavior analysis and the research that fuels the field

  • A spirited discussion between two BCBA-Ds and their BCBA host

  • A source of continuing education credit for BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and BCaBAs (learn more here)

  • More fun than pressing a lever

– ABA Inside Track

What we love about ABA Inside Track is that their episodes are usually more than an hour which is a great length and they have a consistent schedule. An example of a research topic they did is Do Humans Prefer Contingencies? They’re always really good about linking research articles referenced in the podcast.

We want to say thank you to ABA Inside Track and the hosts for helping to put ABA in the forefront and hope they continue what they’re doing!
Check them out: ABA Inside Track.