BCBA Exam Audiobook App has been redesigned


Hey future BCBAs, I'm glad to announce that we've officially relaunched the BCBA Exam Audiobook! When we first created ABA Exam Prep, expectations for the way we consume content and "learn on the go" were a bit different. We originally distributed the audiobook via .mp3 files that we gave to test takers. We gave them [...]

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BCBA Practice Exam – Behavior Masters


There are a lot of options for BCBA Practice exam. Most of them are super expensive, and the most expensive ones aren't necessarily the best. We've got a guide for the best options for BCBA Exam Prep mock exams and practice exams.   BCBA Practice Exam - Behavior Masters Behavior Masters offers an practice exams in [...]

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Why our BCBA Test Prep material will never have time restrictions


BCBA Test Prep can be expensive. The BCBA Exam is hard. It's unforgiving. It's pretty much unfair. We all know the BCBA pass rates. And it's even harder for those who don't pass the first time, and few pass the first time. There are BCBA Test prep material and they all have one thing [...]

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First Session: BCBA Networking Mixer(s)


Hey everyone. For our southern California peeps, we're throwing a mixer for BCBA candidates. It'll be an opportunity to network but also wind down from test taking. We'll have study group formations, food, fun and games. Learn more about the mixer here: BCBA Mixer If you're already interested and will be in town to join [...]

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Audiobook now in the App Store! Studying just got a lot easier!


Hey everyone! Pleased to announce that ABA Exam Prep audiobook is now in the App store. Studying just got even easier! Just login with your email and password and hit play. That's it! The app features background play which means the audio will keep playing even if you switch to other apps. There's a seeker [...]

Audiobook now in the App Store! Studying just got a lot easier!2018-01-16T11:05:58+00:00

Checkout fields updated


Hey test takers. Small update. We've updated the checkout process and have removed the unnecessary fields such as address and phone number to further increase privacy. We're also adding social login (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to make registering and logging in easier.

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New! Updates including mock exams


We'll be slowly rolling out the community aspect of ABA Exam Prep. There will be courses, videos, exams and discussion forums about all of the above. We'll also be giving you all the ability to create quizzes and possibly courses as well. So if you feel you have a certain strength and want to [...]

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